It's officially time to take off - to Europe that is!!

                                            Scene of Champions - Escena Del Campeon

                                            Scene of Champions - Escena Del Campeon

After much determination, perseverance and hard work, my dreams are beginning to materialise. This year has confirmed my belief in the Dream Scene concept as I begin my first large scale projects in Europe. After 10 years of working on expanding into this brave new world... the saying "be careful what you wish for" is ringing in my ears... but it is most definitely, music to them. After all this time, 3 clubs have said YES  and want them as soon as possible (with possibly one more to come)!!

So... it is nose to the creative grindstone for me for the next 12 months.

The year 2017 started with a BANG, creating a painting for one of the biggest clubs in the world of football. I have just completed this Scene of Champions (Escena del Campeon) for Spanish giant, Real Madrid C.F. It celebrates the current squad that have achieved so much over the past 12 months. They are depicted in an imaginary moment of victory, celebrating together as the final whistle blows. 

A big part of the joy for me, is pulling together 100's of images to create a scene that does not exist, but which strikes a chord with fans. This scene takes the supporters out onto the field at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium to share the moment with their heroes. 

Sheffield Wednesday FC celebrate their 150th Anniversary this year and have commissioned a Dream Scene painting project to tell their story. They have just handed it over to their supporters to come up with the players and memories that are to be depicted in a dressing room scene that will warm the hearts of all Owls fans. They are one of the oldest football clubs in the world and I am humbled to be given the opportunity to help them share that rich history through my artwork.

Manchester City are also on board as they see the exciting opportunity to engage their fans in a new and unique way. I had a great chat with club captain Vince Kompany when I was in the UK recently to get his insights into the players that he shared the dressing room with. Some of these stories will be woven into a Dressing Room of Dreams, depicting 28 players from the entire history of the club, due for release in October this year.

It's going to be a big year!! Come along for the ride with me.

Score - Cooper's First Try in the UK!

Celebrating 135 years of the Hull Kingston Rovers RLFC! A heartwarming introduction to the world of English sport. 

The Hull Kingston Rovers have been the first club in the UK to take up the Dream Scene concept. They threw the idea out to the fans to choose their greatest players and most memorable moments, from the club's 135 year history. The response has been overwhelming with a flood of input from enthusiastic fans.

The painting and the stories were then shared on the club's website and social media platforms so the fans could watch their Dream become a reality. It was avery proud moment for me to be at the unveiling at in November 2016 and see the reaction to the painting. former players, family members and the fans were moved by the stories told within the scene.

The power in this idea and the real joy for me is that I am able to say to them as they are congratulating me...  "No... this is your doing, these are YOUR stories. i have just brought them back to life for you.

The club even had a young fan included into the painting, as it is the youth of today that are the lifeblood of the club tomorrow. The rest of his family barrack for the local opposition side but  were all in tears.

The print run quickly sold out and the painting is owned by the club and hangs proudly in their main function room at the stadium.

While I was there I presented to a couple of the big EPL clubs and also exhibited at the Licensing show at Chelsea FC. It was a whirlwind tour!!

Build it and they will come... 

Dream BIG - The world is a blank canvas

I've always believed that my world is what i make of it, its' potential defined only by the limits of my imagination. Add a mixture of determination, self belief (even when it is squeezed out under protest) and hard work and watch how it creates all kinds of so called "luck". I'm not so sure that the meaning of the word luck is so simple. On most occassions I've experienced it has been accompanied by the other two aspects mentioned above. 

So... After almost 10 years of proposal writing, showing up at licensing shows around the world with my work, making contacts and endlessly refining what I am offering, I've just landed my first Dream Scene commission in the UK - to be announced soon.  I'm also in discussions with 2 of the biggest Spanish football clubs, 4 EPL clubs and 3 big MLB clubs in the U.S.

This has been the result of almost 10 years of hard slog and risk taking to catch the eye of some of the largest sporting organisations in the world. Countless emails pitching my ideas, dragging myself and several large scale canvases to a licensing show in Hong Kong followed by 12 month long negotiations with various departments of these big clubs. Then recently a 5 week trip in the US and UK making personal presentations. 

I have no idea if this will work BUT... I can't wait to see where this will lead me!



Tasmanian Cricket 150th launches a busy 2016 in the studio



2016 has started with a bang! The summer was spent finishing off a highly detailed tribute to cricket in the Apple Isle. Over 80 figures and numerous ground scenes were compiled to tell the story of 150 years of cricket in Tasmania. This was a very challenging composition, to get so much information into one scene with out it being becoming congested. It ended up being an around the clock, 6 days a week schedule to meet the deadline. It seemed just grow and grow as it went along.

Every time I start a painting I have an idea of what it will take to complete, but invariably it takes on a life of its own, throwing up challenges (and unexpected pleasures) along the way. The detail and shadowing in white clothing is soooo time consuming.

I'm very pleased with the result and was delighted to be there for the unveiling at Bellerive Oval in February. Prints are available from Cricket Tasmania.



I've also finished off the 2016 AFL Magic Wildcards for Teamzone-TeamCoach which are a lot of fun. These are a great break from my more traditional portraiture work. Above is a preparation sketch of Collingwood's Scott Pendlebury. The range has just been released from Teamzone.


In between this I produced a portrait of James Hopes for QLD Cricket, as the latest edition for the Centurions Room at Allan Border Oval. Each player that plays 100 Shield games for QLD has a portrait done and added to the collection of greats already there. Hopes joins an elite group containing names such as: Hayden, Symonds, Rackerman, Law, Hohns, Trimble, Maher and others.

Next on the easel... well one that has been on the back burner for almost 3 years!! A really interesting commission from a collector in the United States. He has chosen his greatest collection of MLB (Major League Baseball) players from throughout history. His greatest All Star group of 24 are being gathered together at the site of the first ever All Star game at Comiskey Park, Chicago in 1933. The stadium will be meticulously brought back to life as it was in that year, with players from several generations "hangin out" in the dugout waiting to be photographed by famous sports Photographer, Charles Conlan. I can only show a sneak peak at this point.

I will be delivering this personally to the collector in San Francisco, in May. I hope to catch a Giants game while I'm there. I could send the painting off via an international art courier, but instead I will roll it up, take it myself, and have it re-stretched and framed when I get there. There are a few reasons for this. One is... I would get no sleep wondering if it has made it in one piece. The main reason is that I would like to personally deliver this painting. It is a very personal piece for him and it has been a  genuine collaboration between us in it's conception and  design.  

This is where I feel so lucky to be doing what I do. It opens up so many opportunities for adventure and interesting experiences with interesting people. 


Lastly... stay tuned for the potential release of my tribute portrait of WEstern Bulldogs 300 game champ, Robert Murphy in May.

I'm excited AND tired already... and it's only April!!

Let's Dance

Jamie Cooper


Adam Goodes - THE DANCE

Every once in a while you get the chance to do something that feels... right.

Six months ago I approached Adam Goodes about doing a painting to celebrate his amazing career. It was after "the Dance" - in that quiet period after the initial insane response, but before the even more insane booing campaign had gathered momentum.

We spoke of a number of ways we could go about it, until we touched on his feelings about his larger life that included, but surpassed his life as an elite athlete. We both immediately felt it had to be this moment - The Dance. The challenge was to create an image that encapsulated Adam's spirit as an athlete and as a person.

But there was no clear image taken of that moment so I flew up to the SCG with my mate Steve Young, a great photographer, who generously agreed to help me bring this vision to life.

The Swans and the SCG trust gave us the ground for 2 hours and Adam met us there on a cold July night, to recreate the scene where it all had actually happened.

Since that night so much has happened.

There has been a huge amount of support for Adam and what he stands for. There has also been way too much negative response to a man who, cutting adrift all the babble and carry on... is working his heart out to make us a better community. A man, who whether you like him or not...does so much more than so many others in similar positions to HELP in the important issues in our society.

I'm pissed off at the whole episode. Can't be bothered with the narrow minded, lazy thinkers who fall to the default position of division and criticism. They miss the rich depth of what Adam brings to the table by choosing the shallow, mean spirited path.

To Adam's credit he has been unwavering in his support to proceed with this painting, when quite frankly I would fully understand if he would rather not have this stuff brought up again at the moment.So, for what it is worth, this painting is my statement of support, not just for Adam Goodes, but for equality and the generous hearts that are within ALL of us. 

For any enquiries about the image feel free to contact Jamie on

Also released this week is the Tigers Dream Scene lithograph. Limited edition of 250. 200 signed by Royce Hart and Matthew Richardson. Go to the shop for details.

Keeping Great Company - A Full House!


FULL HOUSE! Mastering the art of juggling, I have to say I'm delighted to have had the opportunity to research, plan and create 3 significant canvases concurrently over the past 5 weeks. Aswell as putting the finishing touches on, and farewelling the Tigers Dream Scene, it's been a great challenge for which I have had to engage some assistance with, from help researching and projecting images onto canvas, to administrative duties. It never ceases to amaze me how time flies by whilst I'm lost in the flow of painting. My favourite days in the studio are those without interruption, where I can stay in the 'zone' with my paint and brushes oblivious to time and the rhythms of everyday life.

At no other time have I had so many legends of our great game join me in the studio at one time. With Dustin Fletcher, Chris Judd and the greatest Tigers from the past 50 years to keep me company, it certainly has been a time of high energy and dedicated focus. July saw a momentous ending with the launch of the Tigers Homecoming celebration.  A number of months work culminating in a special evening with Richmond Football Club to celebrate their history. It truly is a privilege to be a part of these unique events that bring together the families and legends of a club that honours their shared history and acknowledges what the club is really about - Community. Listening to stories of elders and witnessing the rise of young stars, these nights always leave me feeling uplifted and nostalgic… and I got to hug KB!! The painting was met with a huge amount of interest for the Tiger faithful with the final auction price reaching an impressive $80,000!


There's no question that two favourites of our game in recent history both deserve to have their image immortalised on canvas. Dustin Fletcher for achieving the momentous accolade for reaching 400 games and the dynamic Chris Judd, who's career literally drips with accolades and accomplishments. as well as thrilling crowds on both sides of the country with his explosive and exhilarating style of play. Both men have been shining examples of how to conduct themselves as role models both to the public and their fellow team mates. 

The Chris Judd - Born to Lead, is now available as a limited edition of 300 fine art prints on my website store, allow 14 days for delivery. The Dustin Fletcher portrait and print will be unveiled on the Footy on Thursday 27th August and will also be available online at Contact us directly for any presale enquiries. Expressions of Interest for the Tigers Dream Scene print are also welcome. 
Email -

And... what is the 4th project on the easel at present?? Well it is going to be truly special. I would say the most significant piece I have created to date. I'm just not allowed to say yet! October release. Stay tuned. 

Tigers Dream Scene Unveiled

After 3 months of research, designing, drawing, and painting, the Tigers Dream Scene was unveiled last night on Channel 7's national broadcast of the Richmond v Carlton game. Can't wait to celebrate with the Richmond family at the Homecoming event tonight where the painting will be officially presented and auctioned.

It is already creating a buzz amongst the Richmond faithful as they enjoy the cream of Tiger talent from the past 50 years assembled on the hallowed turf of the MCG. The scene centres around Royce Hart's iconic grab in the 1967 Grand Final. Up there with him hovers a young Richo whist beneath them circles the most awesome midfield a Tiger fan could imagine.

KB, Roger Dean, Rioli, Cotchin and The Flea await the crumbs as Sheeds "takes care" of Bruce Doull. The headband goes flying as Billy Barrott comes through to help finish the job. Watching on is Geoff Raines, Deledio, Ian Stewart and the Ghost, Jimmy Jess. In the background Lawrie Fowler famously bowls over Big Nick in the 73 GF and even Matthew Knights gets in on the action with his famous stoush with Libba. Good thing he has Francis Bourke to help him out. 

Watching on expectantly from the goal square are Michael Roach and Barry Richardson. The great Tommy Hafey watches all this unfold before him.

Surely this is… Tiger heaven.

I am working towards producing prints of the image for release in time for Xmas. Stay tuned. You can join the mailing list to keep up with any developments

The Real Madrid Dream Scene reaches the people!

This image has had 21,000 likes on instagram in the past 24 hours and I have had 4 requests to purchase the painting. But i can't sell it! Because it is in Madrid trying to make its way to Real President Florentino Perez.

I created this Real madrid Dream Scene "mini" canvas to send to my friend in Spain who has been talking to the club for the past 6 months about me painting a full size Dream Scene featuring the Greatest 15 Real Madrid legends from throughout the history of club. I will paint them all hanging out together in the change rooms of today's Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

We are trying to get this in front of Florentino but this is not easy. My dream is that he will see it, fall in love with it and want me to paint the full size dream scene. Can you imagine the 5 legends in this painting being joined by another 10 of the very best to have played for the greatest football team in the world! The ultimate Galacticos, all alive together, swapping stories of the club's many glory days.

Help me! follow me on instagram and facebook and repost the image to as many Real fans as possible. the people must speak and let the club know that this painting must come to life.

Aaaah... to dream.

Full Steam Ahead



Full Steam Ahead with the Tigers Dream Scene and an Essendon great.

The past two months in the studio have proved quite the roller coaster, juggling research, drawing, getting paint onto the canvas and discussing future projects with clubs both here and overseas! (Hopefully more on that soon :)) One the most thrilling aspects of a job for me is seeing my initial vision develop through the design and research stage, and then how that translates onto the canvas.

It invariably takes on a life of its own that I don't expect. The crowd scene in this Tigers Dream Scene painting has provided unforeseen challenges. It is such a large part of the canvas in which I want to capture the late afternoon light hitting a vast MCG southern grandstand (in 1973). The entire backdrop will be in an ethereal semi blur, which is proving really difficult. Much more so than the highly detailed figures in the foreground. It is starting to come alive in the last 2 weeks of late night painting!

A visit from the Channel 7 film crew this week has cemented my belief that this is going to be a cracker of a painting. The stories and interactions of the players have come together beautifully on the canvas with maybe be even a surprise or two!  In the scene are a number of famous Black and Gold moments on 'The G' from the past 50 years, along with several Tiger legends spanning that time.

All will be revealed at Richmond's BIG Homecoming event on July 11th.  

Fletch Portrait

Achieving what only a select few have done in AFL football - the 400 game mark - there was no way that this occasion was going to slip by without a commissioned portrait to celebrate this man's illustrious career.

When I was approached by Essendon, I immediately envisaged Dustin in action, leaning into one of his momentous 'torps'. Apart from skill, determination and a sixth sense about the flow of the game, what would you say makes Dustin Fletcher stand out amongst the many other greats of our game?  

I relish the times when I'm able to focus my attention on a single figure and explore that person's form and story in its entirety. Particularly after a big team style painting that last 3 to 4 months!!



I am pleased to announce that the Richmond Football Club has commissioned me to produce a giant canvas to celebrate their 50th anniversary at the MCG.

The fans have decided on their favourite Tigers moment on this iconic ground over the past half century. I will recreate that moment as if we are out on the hallowed turf with the players. But this moment will be infused with a bit of magic.

Surrounding the player featured in this moment will be Richmond legends from throughout the entire 50 years. Champions from the 60's 70's and up to today are involved in a real match day scene.

This will truly be a Tigers Dream Scene.

Stay tuned for some sneak peaks over the next month or so and it's unveiling at the Homecoming event on July 11th.