Full Steam Ahead



Full Steam Ahead with the Tigers Dream Scene and an Essendon great.

The past two months in the studio have proved quite the roller coaster, juggling research, drawing, getting paint onto the canvas and discussing future projects with clubs both here and overseas! (Hopefully more on that soon :)) One the most thrilling aspects of a job for me is seeing my initial vision develop through the design and research stage, and then how that translates onto the canvas.

It invariably takes on a life of its own that I don't expect. The crowd scene in this Tigers Dream Scene painting has provided unforeseen challenges. It is such a large part of the canvas in which I want to capture the late afternoon light hitting a vast MCG southern grandstand (in 1973). The entire backdrop will be in an ethereal semi blur, which is proving really difficult. Much more so than the highly detailed figures in the foreground. It is starting to come alive in the last 2 weeks of late night painting!

A visit from the Channel 7 film crew this week has cemented my belief that this is going to be a cracker of a painting. The stories and interactions of the players have come together beautifully on the canvas with maybe be even a surprise or two!  In the scene are a number of famous Black and Gold moments on 'The G' from the past 50 years, along with several Tiger legends spanning that time.

All will be revealed at Richmond's BIG Homecoming event on July 11th.  

Fletch Portrait

Achieving what only a select few have done in AFL football - the 400 game mark - there was no way that this occasion was going to slip by without a commissioned portrait to celebrate this man's illustrious career.

When I was approached by Essendon, I immediately envisaged Dustin in action, leaning into one of his momentous 'torps'. Apart from skill, determination and a sixth sense about the flow of the game, what would you say makes Dustin Fletcher stand out amongst the many other greats of our game?  

I relish the times when I'm able to focus my attention on a single figure and explore that person's form and story in its entirety. Particularly after a big team style painting that last 3 to 4 months!!