The Real Madrid Dream Scene reaches the people!

This image has had 21,000 likes on instagram in the past 24 hours and I have had 4 requests to purchase the painting. But i can't sell it! Because it is in Madrid trying to make its way to Real President Florentino Perez.

I created this Real madrid Dream Scene "mini" canvas to send to my friend in Spain who has been talking to the club for the past 6 months about me painting a full size Dream Scene featuring the Greatest 15 Real Madrid legends from throughout the history of club. I will paint them all hanging out together in the change rooms of today's Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

We are trying to get this in front of Florentino but this is not easy. My dream is that he will see it, fall in love with it and want me to paint the full size dream scene. Can you imagine the 5 legends in this painting being joined by another 10 of the very best to have played for the greatest football team in the world! The ultimate Galacticos, all alive together, swapping stories of the club's many glory days.

Help me! follow me on instagram and facebook and repost the image to as many Real fans as possible. the people must speak and let the club know that this painting must come to life.

Aaaah... to dream.