Keeping Great Company - A Full House!


FULL HOUSE! Mastering the art of juggling, I have to say I'm delighted to have had the opportunity to research, plan and create 3 significant canvases concurrently over the past 5 weeks. Aswell as putting the finishing touches on, and farewelling the Tigers Dream Scene, it's been a great challenge for which I have had to engage some assistance with, from help researching and projecting images onto canvas, to administrative duties. It never ceases to amaze me how time flies by whilst I'm lost in the flow of painting. My favourite days in the studio are those without interruption, where I can stay in the 'zone' with my paint and brushes oblivious to time and the rhythms of everyday life.

At no other time have I had so many legends of our great game join me in the studio at one time. With Dustin Fletcher, Chris Judd and the greatest Tigers from the past 50 years to keep me company, it certainly has been a time of high energy and dedicated focus. July saw a momentous ending with the launch of the Tigers Homecoming celebration.  A number of months work culminating in a special evening with Richmond Football Club to celebrate their history. It truly is a privilege to be a part of these unique events that bring together the families and legends of a club that honours their shared history and acknowledges what the club is really about - Community. Listening to stories of elders and witnessing the rise of young stars, these nights always leave me feeling uplifted and nostalgic… and I got to hug KB!! The painting was met with a huge amount of interest for the Tiger faithful with the final auction price reaching an impressive $80,000!


There's no question that two favourites of our game in recent history both deserve to have their image immortalised on canvas. Dustin Fletcher for achieving the momentous accolade for reaching 400 games and the dynamic Chris Judd, who's career literally drips with accolades and accomplishments. as well as thrilling crowds on both sides of the country with his explosive and exhilarating style of play. Both men have been shining examples of how to conduct themselves as role models both to the public and their fellow team mates. 

The Chris Judd - Born to Lead, is now available as a limited edition of 300 fine art prints on my website store, allow 14 days for delivery. The Dustin Fletcher portrait and print will be unveiled on the Footy on Thursday 27th August and will also be available online at Contact us directly for any presale enquiries. Expressions of Interest for the Tigers Dream Scene print are also welcome. 
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And... what is the 4th project on the easel at present?? Well it is going to be truly special. I would say the most significant piece I have created to date. I'm just not allowed to say yet! October release. Stay tuned.