Let's Dance

Jamie Cooper


Adam Goodes - THE DANCE

Every once in a while you get the chance to do something that feels... right.

Six months ago I approached Adam Goodes about doing a painting to celebrate his amazing career. It was after "the Dance" - in that quiet period after the initial insane response, but before the even more insane booing campaign had gathered momentum.

We spoke of a number of ways we could go about it, until we touched on his feelings about his larger life that included, but surpassed his life as an elite athlete. We both immediately felt it had to be this moment - The Dance. The challenge was to create an image that encapsulated Adam's spirit as an athlete and as a person.

But there was no clear image taken of that moment so I flew up to the SCG with my mate Steve Young, a great photographer, who generously agreed to help me bring this vision to life.

The Swans and the SCG trust gave us the ground for 2 hours and Adam met us there on a cold July night, to recreate the scene where it all had actually happened.

Since that night so much has happened.

There has been a huge amount of support for Adam and what he stands for. There has also been way too much negative response to a man who, cutting adrift all the babble and carry on... is working his heart out to make us a better community. A man, who whether you like him or not...does so much more than so many others in similar positions to HELP in the important issues in our society.

I'm pissed off at the whole episode. Can't be bothered with the narrow minded, lazy thinkers who fall to the default position of division and criticism. They miss the rich depth of what Adam brings to the table by choosing the shallow, mean spirited path.

To Adam's credit he has been unwavering in his support to proceed with this painting, when quite frankly I would fully understand if he would rather not have this stuff brought up again at the moment.So, for what it is worth, this painting is my statement of support, not just for Adam Goodes, but for equality and the generous hearts that are within ALL of us. 

For any enquiries about the image feel free to contact Jamie on info@jamiecooperartist.com

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