Dream BIG - The world is a blank canvas

I've always believed that my world is what i make of it, its' potential defined only by the limits of my imagination. Add a mixture of determination, self belief (even when it is squeezed out under protest) and hard work and watch how it creates all kinds of so called "luck". I'm not so sure that the meaning of the word luck is so simple. On most occassions I've experienced it has been accompanied by the other two aspects mentioned above. 

So... After almost 10 years of proposal writing, showing up at licensing shows around the world with my work, making contacts and endlessly refining what I am offering, I've just landed my first Dream Scene commission in the UK - to be announced soon.  I'm also in discussions with 2 of the biggest Spanish football clubs, 4 EPL clubs and 3 big MLB clubs in the U.S.

This has been the result of almost 10 years of hard slog and risk taking to catch the eye of some of the largest sporting organisations in the world. Countless emails pitching my ideas, dragging myself and several large scale canvases to a licensing show in Hong Kong followed by 12 month long negotiations with various departments of these big clubs. Then recently a 5 week trip in the US and UK making personal presentations. 

I have no idea if this will work BUT... I can't wait to see where this will lead me!