Score - Cooper's First Try in the UK!

Celebrating 135 years of the Hull Kingston Rovers RLFC! A heartwarming introduction to the world of English sport. 

The Hull Kingston Rovers have been the first club in the UK to take up the Dream Scene concept. They threw the idea out to the fans to choose their greatest players and most memorable moments, from the club's 135 year history. The response has been overwhelming with a flood of input from enthusiastic fans.

The painting and the stories were then shared on the club's website and social media platforms so the fans could watch their Dream become a reality. It was avery proud moment for me to be at the unveiling at in November 2016 and see the reaction to the painting. former players, family members and the fans were moved by the stories told within the scene.

The power in this idea and the real joy for me is that I am able to say to them as they are congratulating me...  "No... this is your doing, these are YOUR stories. i have just brought them back to life for you.

The club even had a young fan included into the painting, as it is the youth of today that are the lifeblood of the club tomorrow. The rest of his family barrack for the local opposition side but  were all in tears.

The print run quickly sold out and the painting is owned by the club and hangs proudly in their main function room at the stadium.

While I was there I presented to a couple of the big EPL clubs and also exhibited at the Licensing show at Chelsea FC. It was a whirlwind tour!!

Build it and they will come...