Lee Bullen was another easy one for me. A man who played in every position on the field simply deserves a drink!!

owls play off final91.JPG

This Iconic image of him having a well earned beer after that play off win in 2005 was an ideal image to work from. I brought the trophy in closer to him and thought that someone should be handing him that celebratory drink. So I lifted his arm up to receive a gift from Ernest Blenkinsop. 


All my research tells me this guy's skills were sublime. His nickname as "The Magician" made it easy for me. He had to be waving his wand, perhaps to create the impossible scene before him!

I found a perfect shot of him celebrating with his fist raised, into which it was easy to insert the wand. I then had a model stand in the pose I needed for his lower half. Sounds simple... it wasn't.

You may have thought that there were only 10 in the Dream Scene... surprise, surprise!!

Chris was number eleven. Stay tuned...

TERRY CURRAN - On a wing and a prayer.

The dynamic and volatile T.C. joins the crew in the Dream scene. His time with the Owls was short but very eventful. I wanted to capture something of his colourful and vibrant character in my depiction of him. I found a great Black and White photo of him that seemed to sum him up. 

Front and centre, leading the celebrations with a bottle of champers at the ready. Shirt off showing the scars of battle from a big day on the pitch. I read a story about him stirring up the crowd in a Derby game in which he scored the winning goal, and the opposition pelted him with coins. So he won the game and also made a tidy profit on the day! The red welts on his chest are from this shower of reaction from the United fans.

Note what he is holding in his hand.

Don Megson - A loyal servant.

Don Megson has to be depicted in a certain way. From what I read he was a loyal servant of Sheffield Wednesday FC. A tough, no frills man who went about his business with a minimum of fuss and  maximum effect.

I don't think he would be standing up the front taking up the limelight, he'd be out back, enjoying the celebrations around him. I wanted him standing proudly, a solid rock in defence, wearing the uniform from the gallant 1966 FA cup campaign. It wasn't the result that was remembered that day, rather his pride in his boys and how they had played out of their skin throughout the entire competition. You couldn't ask for a better man to have your back!

Welcome to the Dream Scene Don Megson.



JOHN SHERIDAN - Brings home the silverware.

John Sheridan was easy to decide on, in terms of how he was to be depicted in the Dream Scene. There are those famous shots of him holding up the 1991 League Cup trophy, with his hat on. This is clearly an iconic moment in the club's history, a moment which John was pivotal in creating, scoring the only goal in the final against Manchester United.

So I needed to have him with the trophy and his uniform (including hat) from that day. I had to pose for the body reference shot... sorry John!!

He enters the room with Roland Nilsson ready to get the party started. In one hand is the Trophy and in the other hand a little gift for a close mate... stay tuned to find out what that will be!!

THE BACKBONE OF THE EARLY 1900'S - Andrew Wilson.

Without doubt Andrew Wilson's achievements at the club make him a certain member of this elite group of Wednesday legends. A glorious 20 year career places him front and centre in the dressing room representing the successful era in the early 1900's.

There was only one clear headshot I could find of Wilson so the rest of him had to be recreated from a model posing in the right position to suit the head shot I was using.

It goes through a few transformations as I have to play Dr. Frankenstein with a few different images, sliced together. Even though the process looks a little clunky, we arrive at a final result that brings this club stalwart back to life in living colour.

ERNEST BLENKINSOP - A rock in defense for The OWLS.

Ernest 'Blenky' Blenkinsop was a stalwart of the Owls defence for over a decade during the 1920's and 30's. Here in the Dream Scene I have him handing a well earned beer to another club champ who covered perhaps even more ground than him.

Often I have to cobble together two or three images to construct one figure, but sometimes the perfect photo comes along which needs minimal adjustment.

This was the case with Ernest. I found a great photo of him shaking hands at the start of an International game. It only needed a repositioning of the arm and a tilt of the head and he was now passing a beer to a team mate rather than shaking hands with a rival... and some stripes of course!!

THE OLIVE GROVE FLYER - A true champion and character of the game, Fred Spiksley.

Fred Spiksley is the latest Owls legend to join the Sheffield Wednesday Dream Scene.

Now... this guy you need to hear about!!

Apart from being a brilliant left winger in the 1890s and early 1900's, The Olive Grove Flyer as he was affectionately known, was fast, courageous and handsome to boot.

Such was his charms that a smitten Princess Mary (soon to be Queen Mary) was seen running along the touch line waving her handkerchief at him in. Note the royal hanky in his hand.

He has the highest goal average per game of any winger in professional English football history, kicked the only 2 goals in the 1896 FA Cup win, 170 goals in all, in 293 games, over 11 years... phew!

After shrugging off a case of TB (a fact kept from him by the doctors at the club!!) playing with numerous injuries including broken ribs was no great trouble for this man.

Then... upon retiring he took up acting and performed 30 times on stage with Charlie Chaplin!!

Then just so he didn't get bored... he coached professionally in 3 different countries, developed a liking for the nags and... died of a heart attack running to the bookies to collect his winnings at the Goodwood Stakes.

True story!!


1960's goal scoring great John Fantham is the latest to join the ever expanding group of Owls legends in the Dream Scene.

I have tried to depict the players in a variety of poses and moods to create a natural feeling to this impossible gathering. I wanted John to be sitting back and watching the fun a games going on around him. As I didn't have a full body shot of him in the required position, poor old Fants has to make do with my ageing frame as reference.


Meet the one and only... Des Walker

You may not be able to "beat" Des Walker but you can now "meet" him in the Dream Scene as he appears before your eyes and joins this elite and growing group of Owls.

I've chosen this great photo of Des gesturing to someone. It made me able to have him communicating with a fellow player. The celebratory drinks are being handed out in this magical dressing room and he isn't going to miss out. The image has to go through several stages of transformation (photo to pencil sketch to paint) before it can be brought to life on the canvas

"I'll have one of those thanks mate..." he appears to be saying... to a fellow defensive great from another era. Find out who he is hanging out with soon!!



Welcome Ron Springett into the Dressing Room of Dreams.

Sheffield Wednesday's Dream Scene Goalkeeper is the great Ron Springett.

The best Photo I found of Ron was this one of him in his street clothes. The angle was right because I wanted him seated, looking sideways in conversation with someone in particular. 

I didn’t have a photo of his body in the right position so poor Ron has to make do with my middle age spread as the reference! As I am having to reconstruct a moment that doesn't exist, the image goes through many stages from initial research to the finished painting.

During my digging I found that one of his quirks was to have a notebook on opposition strikers and their spot kicking methods. He is letting a famous teammate know he has him in the book too!! I wonder who it could be?

THE MAKING OF A DREAM. Roland Nilsson confirmed as the first member of the 150th Dream Scene.

This is the first in a series of blog posts that will give you an insight into my studio process to reveal how and why the players are depicted in the Sheffield Wednesday 150th Dream Scene.

My aim is to create a magical yet believable post-game celebration in the current day sheds, featuring Owls legends, as chosen by you the fans, from throughout the entire history of this great club. The players will gather to swap stories that have become part of club folklore in a scene that will truly be every fan's... dream come true.

As a former professional footballer and sports fan myself, I understand what a club means to it's community; that the fans love the players for who they are, not just what they can do. So much goes on in a club's history I cannot hope to cover it all. My goal is to create something that resonates with the fans reminding them why they love their club.

I'll show you how I construct the figures from several photos and models and why I have placed some of them in certain poses.

The first guy to arrive in the Dressing room of Dreams is Swedish Superstar Right Back, Roland Nilsson. My research tells me that he was all class, both on and off the field. He was famous for his professional approach amongst a group of highly talented yet fun loving local lads who were elevated by his attitude and preparation. Apart from his sublime skills he was pivotal in taking the team to the next level. I think his team mates also taught him to let his considerable hair down too!! 

He waves a discerning finger at someone in particular (to be revealed) to enjoy themselves... but not too much!!

I will be posting behind the scenes updates regularly. Stay tuned for more next week.