THE OLIVE GROVE FLYER - A true champion and character of the game, Fred Spiksley.

Fred Spiksley is the latest Owls legend to join the Sheffield Wednesday Dream Scene.

Now... this guy you need to hear about!!

Apart from being a brilliant left winger in the 1890s and early 1900's, The Olive Grove Flyer as he was affectionately known, was fast, courageous and handsome to boot.

Such was his charms that a smitten Princess Mary (soon to be Queen Mary) was seen running along the touch line waving her handkerchief at him in. Note the royal hanky in his hand.

He has the highest goal average per game of any winger in professional English football history, kicked the only 2 goals in the 1896 FA Cup win, 170 goals in all, in 293 games, over 11 years... phew!

After shrugging off a case of TB (a fact kept from him by the doctors at the club!!) playing with numerous injuries including broken ribs was no great trouble for this man.

Then... upon retiring he took up acting and performed 30 times on stage with Charlie Chaplin!!

Then just so he didn't get bored... he coached professionally in 3 different countries, developed a liking for the nags and... died of a heart attack running to the bookies to collect his winnings at the Goodwood Stakes.

True story!!