For almost 20 years I have been committed to the celebration of inspirational moments, individuals and organisations. Through my art, the aim has been to document cultural and sporting history with the respect and attention it deserves. Great care is taken in the course of each project to embrace the emotion and significance of the subject matter.

After a professional career as an Australian Rules footballer in the AFL, I  followed my dream to merge two of my greatest passions, sport and art. With the eye of both an athlete and an artist I am able to produce unique and dynamic works that depict iconic players, moments and even, the entire history of a sporting organisation. I enjoy revealing the stories that lie within these subjects, weaving layers into my images that take us behind the veil to connect the viewer to their own dreams and heroes.

Through my art production company JCAP, my creative abilities have been complemented by extensive experience working within licensing structures, both domestically and internationally.

I have had the privilege to produce significant art projects for and work in partnership under license with, clients such as Major League Baseball (MLB), the Australian Football League (AFL), National Rugby League (NRL), Australian Olympic Committee, Cricket Tasmania as well as international corporations such as Caterpillar Inc. amongst many others.

These have given me a thorough understanding of how to present my work to the public through coordinated marketing campaigns, including events and media strategies. This approach has seen JCAP grow from a small business with potential to a thriving international Art Production company.

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